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March 18, 2008



Oh gosh, I love how worn looking it is. I know I'd leave it alone but I also know how you gals are that paint everything white.....everytime you do, I think "yep, they were right, it looks great!" Not much help, I'm afraid..... :-) Rosie


I definitely vote for painting it. I think it would show the ornateness (is that a word??)of it much better and I think painted would look beautiful in your home. Just my 2 cents worth.

LeAnn :)


What a challenging project. Not sure I'd have the nerve to take on something like this myself. I think a wonderful vintage ivory would be beautiful on this.

I love the carving. Wow.

Please post finished pictures. Good luck, I'm sure it will turn out beautifully!


My vote is to paint it. I paint alot of ornate pieces because I think the carvings really show up better. Good luck what ever you do. It is beautiful.


Hi Chris ~ Well I see you have a lot of advice here and it seems like most of the gals want you to paint it. You know me, I'm a pink and white gal and a true blue "shabby chic-er", but I'm changing my decor as I've done shabby and cottage now for about 10 years and alot of my stuff is going. I'm really getting into French and French Country decor now and I have alot of gold in my house...something I thought I never would do! I love it, love the change and if I had that table (I'd give my eye teeth for it!), I'd never paint it! It is gorgeous just the way it is! Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful...and with that comment I'm whispering in your ear..."don't paint it"...LOL! ~Stacy~


I would paint it you can always take the paint off later. It is very beautiful.

Trisha  Evans

Chris, seems like a decision you are not ready to make just yet. Live with it a while in all it's "golden glory" and then decide. Or make it easy on yourself and mail it to me, just as it is. You have the address.



Chris....Wow! What a goregous piece!!! What I would do is leave it like it is for now...since you love it like it is...& you can always paint it later..if you change your mind ..or decor.It really would be beautfuil either way..the cream sounds wonderful..
But I love the looks of it now too! LOL Hope that helped:)
And you have some yummy new things too!
Let us know what you do..

Natasha Burns

Hi Chris,
It's so amazing!!! Normally I paint everything in sight but it's nice to have some pieces not white. In this case I strongly vote NO PAINT!!! wow i can't believe i said that!!! You will never be able to replicate that beautiful crackle again, I fear it will be lost and will look like a reproductin if you paint over it, it's just so special right now. LOL can't believe I am saying not to paint it white. hmmmmm

Victoria Lynn

This is my first comment on your blog and I just want to thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring place to visit! I love the table - I think I would enjoy it as it is and then when I got tired of it I would paint it white! Good luck and have fun! Blessings, Victoria Lynn


Hi that is a tough one as it is a lovely table , I can see why you are at a crossroads of what to do !. I think I would paint it though!, I can imagine it in the simmertime all lovely and white with a vase of flowers at on top looking all summery and romantic.

hope that helps !

Linda Gates

Definitely paint it. It is really beautiful now but I think an ivory or a vanilla coat of paint would really make it a stunning piece. Oh by the way, I love all of my wonderful pretties, thank you!!


I think I'm another for the painting vote!



i don't think you can go wrong with either decision chris...the table is so beautiful that no matter what you do it will be great! flip a coin and let that be your decision! Happy Easter...

Jen ~ Artful Dreamer

Hmmmm .. I think I vote for painting. I'm not a big gold person because I think the right gold can be stunning but there are many golds that fall short. I don't have a single piece of painted furniture but I still vote for paint...I think it will look very regal dressed in linen :~) Good luck and show pictures if you do paint it!


I would normally say to paint it, but not this piece. It's beautiful just the way it is. I love it.

Mandy Baker

My vote is to leave it as it is. The chippy paint on it is so appealing and would give the eye a 'break' from all the other painted items in your beautiful home.


It's beautiful!! I have some things in our home that I have left their original gold..... but I also can see how fabulous that would look painted a creamy white. I think I'd leave it as is and live with it awhile. If you still find yourself tempted to paint it, then you can go for it!! :)


I think that I would leave it as it is as well. At least for a while. I agree with the above comment. You will never replicate that beautiful crackled finish it has now. When you're ready for a change, then you can paint it.


It's so lovely as is, why not live with it and enjoy it until one day you are ready for a change and then paint it. xo, suzy


It's beautiful the way it is but ... I do love shabby white. I think I'd paint it... maybe : )


My vote, leave it like it is. If you already have alot of white, this will be a different place for the eye to rest. I have a mirror that I painted white years ago over a gold....I wish it was still gold. You can never remove the paint to get back to that lovely crackle. If ***something*** has told you to stop, maybe you need to listen to that whisper...it is a beautiful piece!

Alison Gibbs

Paint it for sure!!!


Either way you go this is a beautiful piece of furniture. I tend to agree with some of the other comments to leave it and enjoy it the way it is if your not 100% sure. If you feel in time that you rather paint it then you will know that you lived with it for a time and now your ready to move on with painting. Are you thinking of painting it a solid ivory linen or were you going to give it the same look as the dresser behind it in the first picture? I am in the same boat with a couple of pieces of my furniture. Good Luck.


I have been "She who walks with a white paint brush," for many years now, both in my own home and selling , but lately I have been leaning towards the more worn natural French antique look with hints of gold. I would say this piece was perfect and gorgeous just as it is. I agree with some of the other ladies to decorate with it ,as is, for a couple of months and see how you enjoy it. You can always whip out that trusty paint brush any time.


Chris, I'd be in exactly the same quandry!!!! My instinct is to paint it and perhaps use some burnished gold (or black..or a combination) to emboss and enchance the detail work -- something that would give it depth. I can't wait to see what you do!!

Suzy Pierce

That's a tough call, because it already looks so wonderful. And authentic. I would say, if it goes with your decor, leave it. If you paint it, you risk losing its charm.

Elaine L.

I vote for leaving it as is.

It's light and will go well with your other white pieces. Sometimes you can over do the white shabby chic.


patti Hildreth

It is too beautiful to paint and besides it will save you a lot of time for just admiring not working!

patti Hildreth

It is too beautiful to paint and besides it will save you a lot of time for just admiring not working!

Glenda ~ manyfondmemories

I would not touch a thing on it. I like the look myself.
People would pay good money for this look. That's my opinion.


Sanctuary arts

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! don't paint!
If you need it a little lighter, give it a slight white/cream wash, but don't paint!
Jen R


oh, please i hope you haven't painted this lovely table! if everything is white, there is nothing of interest.

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