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July 07, 2008


Teresa Sheeley ~ French Poppy

Hey Chris,
I hope you feel better; I just went through the same thing and went to the ortho dr. thursday; turns out I had a sprang from playing tennis; ouch, thought for sure something was torn, luckily it wasn't. Hope it works out for you too; the cortizone shot hurt worse than the knee, yikes!!



Oh Chris ~ I am so sorry you are in such misery !! That just stinks especially in the summer when you do so much work outside ~ Take care of yourself so that you will be up and at it again soon ~
I am living through your beautiful east coast yard ~ we can't grow stuff like that in hot Texas ~


Oh Bless your heart Chris! Nothing is worse than having to sit STILL! I know ..my hubby is going thru that right now too..But.. we are thinking of you & sending blessings your way hon!
Take very good care of yourself sweets & good luck at the drs!
The pics of the cape are goregous!!! Wish I was there:)

Brenda Kula

I am 51, born Feb. 19. I can't be still either, which is why I'm falling apart! Can't get anything to heal when you won't stay off of it two minutes! Slipped and fell flat turning my right ankle back last winter. Still hurts. Guess that's gettin' older for ya. Takes longer to heal. It's all I can do to keep up my own yard. I have to admire someone who takes on many others! Good luck with the doc!


Oh my Christine! Sounds like someone's telling you to lay low for a while! You'd better listen... I know Lucy wouldn't but you have to!
I'm sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way.
xo Roberta


You poor poor thing!!
I feel so bad for you.
Take it easy. I really understand, because I can't sit still either. It would drive me nuts.
I hope you feel better really soon.


Hi Chris,
You poor thing, not the greatest weekend huh!! I too am 51 and our bodies just don't seem to work like they did 25 years ago. Maybe you do need to stop doing for others and just start taking care of yourself. I hope you are feeling better soon and that you get your shot of cortisone.



Oh dear ! I do hope you mend soon..I know the feeling always running into someone you know while not looking your best:)I can't sit still either , it drives me nuts! I feel for you !

Becky from Tennessee

Hi Chris, hope you have seen the doc and are feeling much better. I broke my right leg a year ago and was in a cast and on crutches for 3 months and then in a boot, still on crutches for another 6 weeks...no walking boot for me! (Supposedly due to my AGE and the fact I'm diabetic kept my break from healing as quickly as everyone else!) My adorable ortho doc kept SWEETLY telling me on every three week visit to check the OLD gal's leg!! Anyway, hang in there....if an OLD 58 year old gal can make it, I know you will with flying colors. As for the red bug eyes....we must be related. I,too, have had that delightful experience and, of course, ran into someone I knew at Walmart. Toooooo embarrassing. I loved the comment, "Chris, is that you?" I can feel your pain! LOL! Anyway, hope you are better. Becky

Alison Gibbs

Chris hope you are soon feeling better

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Tutts...poor old gal~lol! Actually I know exactly how you feel. Some days I just ache all over, usually when I have tried to do too much the day before. Take it easy for a bit...browse the blogs and maybe do some great on~line shopping. Lots of love from your "old" friend in Florida ~Janet~


We could be sisters! Ha! Last week I fell outside while taking water to the dog and cut up my leg and limped for a week. I have eye allergies all the time, but I'm 3 years older, so I quess we're not twins!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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