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August 28, 2008


Alice W.

I just discovered that myself! Pretty exciting! Have fun at the beach...wish I could go...hehe...;)

Alison Gibbs

Looks like it will be a fun blog. Lets hope she keeps on posting!!


Yes, I know, I have already visited her blog. Yay!!
Have a great long weekend!



It just so happens I am going to Natick to Trader Joes tomorrow. Lunch at CPK and on to HomeGoods. I will check out Ms. Ashwell and I love the Comptoir de Famille all things Francaise store.

Au revoir,


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Have a wonderful weekend Chris!! Have fun. And yes, I do love RA Blog!



I recently discovered her blog too Chris and am so thrilled she has a store in our area! Have fun at the beach and yes! do paint the chair linen white. How can you go wrong? What a beauty!
xo Roberta


Hi Chris.... thanks for the well wishes.... definitely hard to mend isnt it?

I am loving Rachells blog... again I am not a total shabby lover but I do like the well worn pieces and lots of flakiness.... I like furniture that looks old.... my hardest thing to do is paint a piece white if its an antique...

Thanks for letting us know about this




Hi Chris!

Have fun on your getaway!
I will be coming to the Boston area to work at the end of the month...
I want to tour a little bit!
Any suggestions...with limited play time:) What would you suggest to see? only have a couple days ...
Please email me some ideas:)



super cool! I wish she would open a store here :( whaa ! ~xo

karen eileen

I didn't know she had a blog. Thank you for letting people not-in-the-know like me discover it. I am going there right now...

Natasha Burns

It's great she has a blog! Though I don't think she has updated it yet, lol! I hope to see lots of new and inspiring stuff and can't wait to visit her stores when I come to the States! her Malibu store is on my list for the day I land in LA, of course!!!

Thanks for stopping by Chris and for your words of encouragement! xo

Kimberly Ryan

Hi Chris! hanks sooo much for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note....and letting us know about the new blog:) I just posted about it, I'm so thrilled for many reasons. Thanks again sweetie! Hugs, Kimberly

Jennifer Grey

Thank you so much for posting this. Finding out that Rachel now has a blog was a sweet slice of heaven.



Hey Ms Chris.... I am touching base.... I think I wrote this somewhere else... so wanted to let you know that I will be having my operation for my foot on Thursday the 11th... details on my blog... long recovery... so not sure how I might be feeling... letting all know that if I dont post or visit dont give up on me



Lori Avery

Oh my gosh Chris !!! I am so excited that you told us about her blog ~
I haven't even taken a peek yet because I wanted to tell you thank you first ~
Have a fun trip !

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Chris!

Isnt Rachel's blog wonderful? I was so excited when I found out about it :) I love her new post about wallpaper! Fabulous!

You are so lucky to visit her stores!! I hope you have a wonderful time and get lots of pretties :)

Love ya,

Diane Dainis

Love your Blog. One of my favorite stores is Enchanted Treasures. Do you know of similar store in RI or MA?

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