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August 10, 2008


Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Congratulations, can't wait to see the issue!! Does Sharon have a blog or website?


Hi Chris,
Oh how exciting for you. I knew it would be. I can't wait to see everything when it comes out. Congratulations because not every one is picked for a magazine shoot. That is truly special.


Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Glad that you had such a fun time with Fifi, Dan and Chitzu.....they are such a fabulous trio! Your home and gardens are gorgeous and I can't wait to see them in print Tutts!!! XOXO~Janet~



Thank you for stopping by to say hello and for the nice comments you left on my blog..

Congratulations on your photoshoot... Fifi works magic from what I have seen... she has great style....

Looking forward to perusing its pages once it comes out

It definitely looks like you had a great time... always nice when family and friends or magazine stylists come by for that matter lol


Pink Slippers

How very EXCITING! Can't wait to see the shoot. You look great. What a wonderful experience. HAve a rested and great week. Wendy


Ohhhh Chris ...Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! I cant wait to see the mag with the pics!!! How very exciting for you girly:)
I know your home & gardens were PERFECT!!!
Rest & relax this week hon...NO weeding at 4:30AM!!! LOL

Kelly Long

What a dream to have them do a photo shoot at your house! Congrats.


You finally made it... I have been following your posts, and you seem to be a bit anxious about it all.
I`m just the same, I worry so much and then when its all over I realize that there was no reason to worry at all!
I`m glad that you had a fabulous time meeting FiFi... I too, would LOVE to meet her, she seems to be such a fun person to have around!
By the way, THANKS for stopping and leaving a comment on my blog... About an year and so ago, I email you to see if you would be interested in exchanging links with me, and you were very kind by saying yes!
So thanks for that, too!
All the very BEST,
Kisses Kisses
Debbie Moss


Oh my goodness Chris!

How wonderful...photo shoot,staging vignette's sounds like fun to me:)
I'm sure it's different when it's at your house! Not a kick back time...

You need to have Spa day or a Spa week!

Can't wait to see the article!
I may be coming to the Boston area end of Sept...would love some ideas of what to do:)

Take Care,


You all look so adorable!!! Isn't Dan a hunk? I can't wait for the issue to come out. I know you are pooped, but it will be so worth it. Love ya tutts and congrats!~xoxo


Thank you for sharing this with us!! Oh, I can hardly wait to see your home in a magazine!!
What fun!!


Chris how exciting for you to be in Romantic Country, my very favorite magazine ever. What a thrill to have the Fabulous FiFi come and work with you, I'm so jealous...I need help desperately with my painting/decorating dilemma and who would be better than FiFi for advice?


Chris, Can't wait for the magazine, isn't Fifi a sweetheart.


Chris ~

I am so excited for you. I looks like you had a great time. By the way, you looked fabulous.


Bunny Rose Cottage

CONGRATULATIONS Chris!!!! What a wonderful post, I am so excited for you! I just adore Fifi, she is so cute! You all look gorgeous!

I just got back from vacation and was so happy to see you, I have missed ya! I just put up a post with lots of pics :)

Love ya,


Oh my goodness !!! I am so excited to see a post about the photo shoot !! How much fun it looks like you had !! I can't wait to hear about what magazine you will be in ~
What fun !!

Jen R

COngrats! That is so very cool for you! I buy that mag all of the time so I can't wait till it comes out! Jen R


Wow, I can't wait to see your home and your friends' garden and shop in print. What fun; so many bloggers are being featured in that magazine I feel like I am living vicariously.

Janet ( Housepeepers)

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Congrats on the shoot! Can't wait to see the magazine.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Congratulations ! great to read about your experience and to see FIFI


Congrats Chris!!
That is a favorite magazine of mine.
It looked like it was a lot of fun.
Have a great day!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Oh Chris! That must have been so much fun! I was lucky enought to have Fifi, do an article on my mosaics in Romantic Country, but I never got to meet her in person! She is the sweetest person.

Can't wait to see the issue with you in it. Is Arthur Sharons dog? Tell her to read the book 50 Acres and a Poodle by Jeanne Marie Laskas. It is the best book! Any one with a standard poodle will love it.

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Hi Chris,
I was just over at Fifi's and saw you there too. It all looks wonderful. I certainly do not think you're nuts out weeding at 4:30 a.m. - I totally understand it!
Congratulations to you and how wonderful you had such a great time with sweet Fifi and everyone else there. I can hardly wait to see the magazine!

andrea~ vintagebellastudio

wow~ I think i would be up weeding too at 430 in the morning! Congratulations~ Your home is beautiful!


Bravo Chris!
Can't wait to see the fabulous nooks, crannies and vignettes in your romantic home and yard! Looks like it was a blast (after all the sleepless nights)! ha!
Congratulations My Friend!
xo Roberta

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

oh.my.gosh! This is so over the top exciting! I would have been a complete basket case...I probably would have needed a sedative through and IV too. I can't wait to see the magazine! And thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a SWEET comment tongiht. It made my day!

Teresa Sheeley

YAY!! I am sooo happy this turned out so wonderful for you. I love all your photos, and you are sooo pretty!!! Congratulations my friend, it's well deserved. Can't wait until it's out in print.



Well now I really can't wait to see your home in print. Our little neck of the woods will be famous; what fun!

PS. What does your door look like now?

Daisy Cottage

Congratulations Chris!!! I can't wait to see your feature in the magazine - it will be beautiful, for sure and I loved seeing your photos from your special day!!! I know you all must have had the bestest of times!!



How cool! can't wait to see.

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

WOW! What fun!!!

M ^..6

Karen Hattaway--Sweet Necessi-Teas

I can't wait to see your feature in RC! How exciting! It looks like you had a great time--even though I know it must have been hard work... Congratulations!


Lucky Lucky you!

Angie ~ Pink Boutique Antiques

Your home and garden are GORGEOUS and you are such a ball of energy!! I just LOVE reading your blog and hearing about everything that you have going on...quite amazing! I cannot wait to see your beautiful home in the magazine. Congratulations!

Take care!

Celestina Marie

Hi Chris, WOW!! what fun you all had with Fifi and her photographers. The pics of you all are great. I just admire Fifi so much too and love her work. I can't wait to see your wonderful home. I know it will be fabulous! It is so nice to meet you and I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Thank you for stopping by my anniversary post and leaving your kind comment. It really meant a lot to me. Hope to see you again soon.
Hugs, Celestina
la rea rose


Oh what a fun site you have ..glad for you and your success..
hugs, Patty

Joanne Kennedy

How fun! You will have to be sure to let us know when it's going to be in print. I love that magazine.



How FABULOUS!!! Congratulations doll..
SO well deserved..
The photos are adorable, you all look beautful!


Hey Ms Chris...touching base... having my foot operation on Thursday and not sure how I will be feeling for a while... details on my blog ... but I will visit when I can... long recovery... but in case I dont ...dont give up on me



Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Chris ~ what fun to have Fifi and Dan there to be with you for three days. I hear that she is so sweet and fun! Cannot wait to see the article on your home! Congrats!!! I'dve been weeding at 4:30 AM. You are hilarious!!


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