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September 08, 2008


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Piece of cake....your knee surgery that is...I just know you will sail thru it with flying colors.

I LOVE the green and pink rose vase at the end of your post. IT is beautiful!


I am thinking that perhaps you could share a room with Tom B. That would make the suffering seem a little less intense, don't you think? Nothing like seeing Mr. Brady in a johnny to improve the blood flow. Yeah, I know, I am plenty old enough to be his mother!

I went down your street for the first time in ages and the flowers up and down the street are beautiful...your work??



It'll be a breeze you 'Tough Italian Cookie'! lol
Thank goodness you'll still be able to post your pretties! Good luck & speedy recovery Chris.
xo Roberta

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

Oh boy!!! I have never had any surgery so I should not even talk...but everyone I know who has had the arth. on the knee says that they key is to do all your rehab exercises...FAITHFULLY!!!!! Then you'll be good as new in a jiff!!!

M ^..^


Hi Chris,
I have missed you girl!! You will sail through your knee surgery and be up and about in no time knowing you.


Pink Slippers

Your 'SPEEDY' speed will get you bouncing back. Heal quick so you can go go. Wendy


Hey now ms Chris.... I am going to wish you a speedy recovery too... they are telling me two to three months on my foot... but since I am not sure how I will be feeling next week I am going to send HUGS your way that your surgery goes well and that you are up and hopping in no time

Thank you for the well wishes for mine




Hey ms Chris... I am wishing you a speedy healing on your surgery too.... they are telling me two to three month recovery... so since I am not too sure how I will be feeling next week... I am sending big HUGS your way that all goes well and that you will be up to snuff in no time

Thank you for your well wishe concerning mine




Hey Chris ~ I hope your surgery goes well! I'm sure it will. (*_*) I have been sidelined too for abit this summer, mainly the month of August. I haven't been to the gym in over a month and I am missing it, but am getting back into the swing of things now. It's back to work for me...just in time to take two weeks off for a road trip back home to Canada at the end of September. Sheesh! You feel better soon Chris and get back on that treadmill!! ~Stacy~


My husband had that same surgery! You will bounce right back!


All the best for your knee surgery, you will be almost 'dangerous' after it, I am sure! Rachaelxo

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Chris!! I will be praying for you and I KNOW your surgery and recovery will be a breeze :)

I love that painting in the first picture!! Did you paint it? I will be checking your shop. You always have the most beautiful things!

Love ya,

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi dearest....I will be thinking about you and sending LOADS and LOADS of good vibes your way on the 19th!!! Just think, you will be like a new woman after that surgery!!! Will email you soon....been crazy around here~XO~ Janet


Hi Chris!
I will be thinking of you with your knee!
Praying for a speedy recovery:)

Lovely goodies you have on your blog.

Keep us posted how you are doing.

Take Care,

Teresa Sheeley

What surgery? Darn!! I hope it goes so very good for you. Hopefully this will cure your problem and you can start playing tennis, etc. without pain! Wishing you nothing but wellness!

Take Care

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Hi Chris,
Beautiful print! Good luck with the knee surgery. I had arthroscopic knee surgery twice and it was a pretty easy recovery. Hope you have a quick recovery!

Tara Frey

Tutts! Don't be scared a bit on the surgery. Larry had it and recovery was speedy. You'll be like a new woman ready to run faster in case a glass of red wine gets spilled...you know what I mean? lol~xo

Lori Avery

Hi Chris ~ I am sorry you have to have knee surgery but I having it done that way you will be back pain free fast !!
I know knee surgery is in my near future too ~
Let us know how it goes ~


Lovely site. Delightful to read. Great give away. Karen

kari & kijsa

Loved your post above. Our retiring President Bush served us faithfully and with the greatest trust-history will remember him well.
Happy Day!
kari & kijsa

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