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November 05, 2008


Angie @ Pink Boutique Antiques

I totally agree with your comments and they were very well spoken!!! And you are so right, President Bush has had a lot of bad press, but he has kept us safe since the tragedy of 9/11. I only hope and pray for my young boys sake that the president elect can do the same!!!

Wendy @ Pink Slippers

I SOOO agree with your post.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Thoughtful post Chris!
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M ^..^

Well said! Amen.

M ^..^

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Tutti! I feel very fortunate to live in this country, as my grandparents on one side were immigrants who came here for a better life. Also living in the diverse melting pot of Miami, I am happy to see an African American as the new president. I feel that the country will be more united, and we really need that with the tough times that we face as a whole right now! Luv ya girl...Janet


I agree with you Janet. I am thrilled to see Barack Obama elected president! God bless him and our country.

I am not worried about the future because I have infinite faith in the people of this nation. And if the going gets tough, the tough will get going!!


greetings! i just discovered your site and blog. both are lovely! and thank you for the tip on dovetails -- i just subscribed. xo


Aahh ... this is a time of uncertainty...

I am a person who speaks from the heart with honesty and this sometimes gets me in trouble but I cant pretend to be what I am not

I myself ....wanted Hillary in office.. I felt she would have done a fabulous job .... she was a woman with grit ... I admired that...she had experience....when Obama failed to seize the moment with her as his Vice President I lost hope ....

I ended up with the strong belief that John McCain would not be another Bush... I am afraid that Obama does not have the experience ... and while many made a joke of out Sarah Palin ... I saw in her a down to earth ... sassy... and definitely strong woman who would have been the younger voice in McCains Presidency...

All we can do now is have some kind of faith like you said ....if possible try to catch some of the excitement

My only beef with our voting system... and I know this is going to get me a lot of OMG's... is that our vote does not count... the decision is made by another... I say this because if the popular vote counted... which it does not... its electoral votes.. its delegates who decide... Hillary would be sitting in the White House ... she won hands down against Obama in the nomination but because someone didnt like her that changed..

I think we need to take a long look at how our system works and make changes where they belong ... make it the popular vote... the vote of the people themselves.. not someone who makes the decision for us..

I guess the future will tell...

I am today and have ALL MY LIFE been proud to be an American...

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

CHRIS, I am so GLAD you posted this. I feel the very same way and have the very same views as you do! I am really hoping that America has made the right choive and things will get better. He wasnt my choice either but I still have hope for this coutry! Thank you for the wonderful post!

Love ya!

Melissa (Missy)

Amen & Amen.

And congrats on winning Penny's giveaway!


You know, he wasn't my choice either. In fact, I only know about 1 person that voted for him, so how did he win??? Well, I came over to congratulate you on winning Penny's beautiful prize! Enjoy!

lylah ledner

i'm with ya on this one! sweet blog ya got.


Valarie Kraft

It is so nice to hear words of praise for our current president. I too didn't choose the President Elect, but will do my best to support him!! Have a wonderful day.


I am a Canadian and a permanent resident in this lovely country so I can't vote. Even if I could, I still don't know who I would have voted for. It feels funny living here for 11 years now and not being able to vote. I agree, President Bush has really been bashed in the media. He has done alot of good for this country even if it doesn't seem so right now. I do hope that President Elect Obama will do wonderful things for this country. I wish him and his family well.

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