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January 16, 2009


Lisa at celebrate CREATIVITY

What a pretty pillow and I think the little jeweled pins on the corners are a perfect touch too.

Stay warm!


I would love one of those sunshine lamps. How cool!

janet bernasconi

Hi Chris!

First I want to wish you a belated birthday! Hope you had yummy cake and got lots of presents! lol I put a post in the forum at MMP to let everyone know. I hope you saw it. You are missed. Hope it was happy. Thank you so much for visiting me. I am always happy to hear from you. And you made my day by letting me know that you have my dress pillow at your office. I would love to see a picture! lol Then I can add it to my blog to show everyone. Hope you are doing well. Love that pillow! Please stop by anytime. I will come back again too. You're a sweetie.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.
Janet's Creative Pillows


I was there on Wednesday for a California Pizza Kitchen pre-birthday lunch, but they are in the process of moving. I was bummed but made up for it at Sel de la Terre, yummy. I didn't traverse too much of the Mall, but I did go to Comptoir de Famille...love that store.


Jen R

I know how you feel! We hit 30 below the other day! The news said Alaska was 50 degrees warmer!!!!! Love that pillow!

Susan (dutchrose)

Hi, Chris!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see you love Anthropologie also...I tried to retool my shop for the "poor" woman's version :-) Did you see Michelle Obama ordered furniture and accessories from there for their White House residence!!!!

Gail McCormack

Hi Chris
We're the opposite this side of the world, we're in for a scorcher today, I'm madly running around trying to get everything done before I wilt!

Keep warm!

jessi nagy

hey there sweets,
look at you and your sassy haircute.
thanks for stopping by.
ill be back soon
hope you are having a happy new year!

Kay Ellen

Hi Chris!!!
Oh my goodness that is cold!
I am laughing about the layering!! I know I am such a wimp when I get cold! I would look like the kid brother in the movie "A Christmas Story!" You would be laughing at me too!
That lamp sounds kind of cool and interesting that you have...
Off to do the dishes! Just had to pop by and say hi! I am off to the gym tomorrow!Never give up is my motto!
Tell that trainer to be nice;0)

ooohhh pretty pillow!

Warm Hugs from California,

Fabulous Finds Studio

Hi Chris,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am not a cold weather person at all so I don't envy you but a little bit of snow would be nice every once in awhile. We rarely get it here in the Dallas area.

The pillow is beautiful and I adore Anthropologie. I was fortunate to attend a private shopping event at a local store a couple of months ago. Wish I could have purchased the entire store :-)
Have a fabulous day!

Daisy Cottage

Brrrr!!! I hope you stay warm!!!
I can't imagine!

I love Anthropologie too!

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Tutts....guess what, it's COLD even here in Florida today. BRRRRR and double BRRRRR! ~XOXO~ Fufu

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio and The Comforts of Home

Good morning Chris...
Love that pillow! I can't wait to see your version of it. I wish I was a better seamstress....

You listed some of my favorite stores...but I have to purchase online, because we don't have any near me. Except when I go to Naples...I can go to Anthropology at Waterside Shops...

~ ~AHRISHA~ ~at JoyouslyLivingLife

Cute little shabby pillow. Looks like a silk or linen in tan. The class sounds like fun, why not go for it.

Glad you are feeling better. Keeping very busy is sometimes the key.

Glad you stopped buy for a visit and commented to win my sweet little bird. Good luck.


Hi Chris,
You will be happy to know that I am the one Republican in California. I knew we had something more in common, than our ages and our love for beautiful things.
Loved your post about the weird day yesterday. Love this post as well.
I thought George did a great job keeping us safe too.
Have a great night!


Fabulous that you are doing better... I would love to know where your sisters boyfriend go that lamp for you...as I would like to purchase one too ....

Sounds like you have a plan with your getting healthier.... I am working on it but had a bit of a set back..

WILL make it though



Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Gorgeous pillow Chris! Love those stores too. Stay warm - and pray for Spring with me!

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