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January 12, 2009



Hi Chris,
Happy Belated Birthday!!
I know what you mean. It's no fun this time of year. After all of the fun of the holidays etc.
We are having warm dry windy weather here, which I hate this time of year. Bad for the sinus's. Anyway, good luck with the training, sounds like a good plan.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog too.
By the way, we are the same age.
Chat again soon,


Oh, Sweetie, I know how you feel !!!! when I won your generous package last year, I was recuperating from a slipped disc and I gained 15 lbs. Bloat-a-rama.

With a bad back there was absolutely no way I could go to the gym so I joined Weight Watchers..which I always thought was for obese people or wimps or just not for me. well, I lost the weight..well almost all of it now except for two pounds, which I am still working on..didn't gain an ounce during the holidays and even lost a pound over Thanksgiving ! My exercise was mostly just walking as that pesky disc kept me slow and steady. I just made it back to the gym a few weeks ago.

You may want to consider WW. I am now highly reccomending it. My husband was very impressed with the results..enough to pay for new jeans from Chicos for the holidays. what I really liked was that you can eat your favorite foods ! Every Wednesday I meet with friends for coffee and treat myself to a lovely coconut-almond cookie dipped in chocolate. It's a once a week treat that makes everything else easy. I know I sound like a commercial, but it may put some sunshine in your day to do something where you can be nice to yourself and your poor knee and be Florida ready in the near future.

Good luck !!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts Of Home

Hi Chris!
We have been contemplating a trip to Naples too....As for living in Naples...did that for many, many years. Funny thing is I missed the seasons! So moved half way back to NC where the winters are much milder!

I have started power walks again. It's funny how easy it is to gain weight when sitting breaking china!

Becky H

You are a lady after my own heart! I love the sunny days and the beach also and this time of year in TN is tough. I am a BIG Lucy fan and just seeing Lucy from the Bill Holden episode made me spit my coffee all over the laptop! Thanks for making me laugh and smile - :))))
ps - love your blog and shop - also my kind of style. BH

Tracy M.

I hear you load and clear. I also have a January birthday and hate this time of year. I wish I could either hibernate til the end of March or spend Dec, Jan & Feb. somewhere warm. I've also gained weight this year too.
Oh the joys of middle age.
Good Luck,
Tracy M.


We live in NE PA. I am in the Winter, After the Holidays Pits too!! I know about weight gain. Last August I broke my foot & was relagated to being on my butt for 6 weeks. I put on 15 lbs. so fast. I have started to get it off. Wish it was as much fun taking it off as it was putting it on!!
Good Luck!!
Love, Marilyn


Oh my dear Chris... I know exactly!! where you are coming from on this one... a 20lb weight gain since my foot surgery in October... had an MRI done recently and I have two or three dics out in the back... find out more once I get in to see the Dr...

I am not a happy camper.... slowly trying the stationary bike but it hurts.... doing my best to keep my chin up and eat healthier .... doesnt help when you are a carb addict to boot...

I wish you luck on this... I know you can do it.....




Awwww Chris! You are beautiful just the way you are!!! Watch I LOVE LUCY tapes or re-runs...plan your new plants & flowers in your garden...with a nice cuppa..with some of your gorgeous cups & saucers...Be good to yourself hon:) It will be spring before ya know it g/f!
Happy belated birthday sweets!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Chris, I feel the same way!! I am so over winter right now, lol! I cannot wait for green glass and flowers and sitting out side! You are so beautiful Chris!! 12 pounds wouldnt even be noticable on you, you are so thin!! Happy Birthday! My birthday is Monday :)



Sounds like we are all in the same boat. The boat is not sailing in balmy waters! Love the beach too. Someday. . .

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Happy birthday.

I'm a huge "I Love Lucy" fan so of course I enjoyed your photos too.

Good luck on all your goals for the new year.


Hey Chris ~ I hear you on the winter blahs, but this year I am hitting the gym EXTRA hard especially during January and February. I double my cardio and do more weights, plus the new gym I'm going to has a fab running track around the upper level with three lanes. It takes more time for a workout like that, but it's worth it. That's what keeps me going until spring! Glad to hear that's what you're doing too! ~Stacy~ (*_*)

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Tutts! First...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (singing here!) and you look GREAT you little doll baby. Should I feel guilty that I live in Miami? It's sooooo beautiful here right now, and I think it's the only place in the country that is balmy. Just think of us though during MOST of the year when you could literally fry an egg on the sidewalk! Have fun working out. I need to ramp it up myself, so maybe you will inspire me......xoxo, Janet


Chris ~ whoops, just thought I'd add another post as I read through them all again and saw the one by "paintdiva" about Weight Watchers. I've been a lifetime member of WW since 2000 and as she says it's not just for "obese" people. It's for anyone who wants to learn about nutrition, an active lifestyle and dealing with food issues. It's helped me so much with my "adult weight issues" and I still attend every week. I highly recommend it to anyone! ~Stacy~


Oh Happy Birthday. I know what you mean about teh crash. I'm about there and ready for some sun myself! I think I better pop in those Lucy DVD's and start watching. :)

Very cute picture of you and your brother!


I am a huge Lucy fan and that one, the Bill Holden one, was one of my all time favorites! I cannot stop laughing every time I see it. I was watching with my l8 year old daughter and she was cracking up, too. She said Wow, this is really funny. You think? Great humor is ageless. Thanks for reminding me. Mona


Hi Chris,

Everytime I see a picture of Lucy I am struck by how stunning a beauty she was.

Yup the winter blaz got me a little down too. Why not stop by and check out the Bloggers Soup Swap I am hosting. Just the thing to get our minds on instead of the winter cold.


Hi Chris. I certainly hope that your power is on and that you are staying warm!

Don't sweat turning 52! That's so young!

Have fun staying warm and have a Happy Birthday!

Warm blessings,


Isn't sad how fast the weight can come on? I had a corneal ulcer and couldn't see or stand sunlight for three weeks....I gained 10lbs. What was I eating..sticks of butter? Good luck with the trainer.

Olive Rue

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and tell you I think your blog is adorable! Hope you have a great weekend.


Chris ~
You are cracking me up !!
We just got back from a cruise a few days ago and yes that 90 degree weather and me agreed just fine ~
I am sooo not a cold weather person and it is even cold in Texas !
We dropped our daughter off in Florida for an internship at Disney and it was even cold there ! what the heck !!
oooohhhhh dreaming of warm weather and flowers right now ~


You are way too funny Chris!
By the way, the pillow is super easy to make. I made placemats that I love! (blog)
I can't even believe you gained that much. No way! Hang tough Girlfriend. You'll be back in no time.

Felicia Zavarella Stadelman

Just daydreaming about Rhode Island and thinking about how much I miss all the wonderful people I met out there - especially you! I really enjoy your website. Thank you for putting so much time into creating such beauty. Hope to catch up one day! Thinking of you...

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