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March 03, 2009



I am looking forward to the wonderful scents of spring also. Lilacs are among my favorite, and have such sweet memories ~ we had a large lilac bush on the property of my childhood home, and my dad would bring the cuttings in for my mom, who would put them in a vase in front of the living room mirror.

Trisha  Evans

I too look forward to the lilacs - the sweet smell of spring! I am particularly fond of my lilies of the valley for the childhood memories they evoke. Each year I diligently plant more pips to make up for any that I may have lost over the winter. I am so looking forward to Spring! Thanks for the reminder about the clocks, without you, I would be functioning (at least) one hour behind. Happy Spring my sweet friend.
a vintage white

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Lilacs, lavender and roses! Mt favorites! We got hit with snow this past weekend too! 8 inches which is unusual for us. We are thinking of heading to Naples the first week of April...I need to feel the sand between my toes and take long walks on the beach. Maybe have dinner outside at Campello's on 3rd St....


My favorite flowers are Peonies. I have many in my gardens & they are so fragrant!! I have well over a dozen in various colors!
Can hardly wait for summer!!
Love, Marilyn


I can smell my Jasmine plants on my back patio. Mmmm! I love it. I am VERY excited about daylight savings. It's great to spend more time outside.

Bunny Rose Cottage

YAY!!! I love this post Chris!! So beautiful! I love peonies!! I cannot wait either for beautiful flowers, greenery, birds and bunnies..... Oh hurry up sweet spring!!

Love ya,


I don't know how I actually found your blog, but somehow fell onto it this morning as I was following all the blog followings of other blogs... and I'm SO glad I did! After reading through your blog for the past hour, I'm pretty sure I've found a kindred spirit... if not as "Lucy" as... perhaps more "Ethel-ish"... still, family, gardening, cooking, good food with good friends, politics... all that stuff! Ditto! So glad to meet you. Vicki

Jen R

So pretty! Thanks for sharing! Jen


Ahhhhhhhh.........spring makes me really miss my Mum. Lilacs were her very favorite flower; I think of her every time I smell them.........I live in the Pacific NW....will spring EVER come??? Although, it is sort of sunny today!

I've added you to my blog list......I love yours!



oh sigh. sigh. and sigh again. GORGEOUS!! I should have know you, queen of gardens, would have the best rose and lilac photos to encourage us towards Spring. Thanks!!
xo and hugs,


becky up the hill

Lovely flowers from last year. My spring is a little closer here in California. Thanks for the head's up on the candle, am always looking for a scented one that is true.


All three of my very fragrants scents and flowers.

(Mom) Beverly


Maybe you could tell me what flowers rabbits DONOT like, the little brats eat all our flowers.



That is my favorite candle of all, it really does smell like the real thing!xo Andrea

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