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May 13, 2009



Yummy! I love every single bloom!

Blessings and smiles,

Stephanie Bradley

Hi Lucy,
Just lovely! The blue phlox is dreamy, and I love bee balm as well. I've also been "living" in my gardens as well. I too live on the east coast and as you well know, our summers are all too short! Don't you agree? This year my husband Jim and I started 3 flower garden beds and 1 for veggies! So, needless to say, I haven't had a moments rest. However, I am in heaven!!!! I also placed several orders of english roses from David Austin, Jackson&Perkins, and Pickering Nurseries out of Canada. In the last two days, I received two shipments of 15 bare root roses so I've got to get them planted before we head out to " Brimfield " on Saturday. Do you attend the May show? Anyway, gotta go back to work. It was very nice visiting you.
~ Stephanie of: thespanishdahlia.typepad.com


Hi Chris,

I know that you had a lovely vacation! These blooms look fabulous. I haven't been able to leave comment lately for some odd reason.

Happy Gardening,



I have some blue phlox that I am waiting with anticipation to see its lovely blooms... along with my bee balm...

I am such a flower nut... but a few of my favorites are....

roses... wisteria...jasmine (chocolate vine)... lavender...geraniums....phlox of course... heather...
oh heck... I love everything that blooms!!!




Aaaaah I am enjoying your warm weather planting whilst I watch the autumn leaves fall here. Will remember to get some of that blue phlox for my summer garden when it warms up again, its just gorgeous.

kari & kijsa

SO many fabulous plants!! We love every one!!
kari & kijsa


Beautiful Flowers!!

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They are all gorgeous but I favor bee balm. For some reason my bee balm always dies so I appreciate seeing it in bloom.

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Beautiful plants! I love planting season! jen


Hi Chris ~ it's been awhile! Love the photos of your blooms! Our weather is finally smartening up here. It was about 80 today and tomorrow it will be 90 in Salt Lake! It's about time! I worked in the yard all day Saturday weeding, pruning, cleaning up my statues, getting my bird baths ready, you name it! Now the porch looks darling, the flags are flying and I'm ready to do some serious greenhouse shopping! ~Stacy~ (*_*)


I could use your color in my yard!!! It looks stunning.


My nails are filthy as I type this; I never seem to get the hang of garden gloves and I never remember to soap under my nails before I begin the digging either. Oh well, it is definitely therapeutic. Briggs is simply amazing, as usual! Wish I had a million bucks.


Brenda Klomp

Chris, havent dropped by in sometime, nice to see what you have been up to...its all fabulous! I was just reading Janets post... oh, your suppose to wear gloves???
Will check back to see what neat things your doing in others gardens etc...keep your camer with you! brenda

Brenda Justabedofroses.blogspot.com

P,S, congratulations on all of your magazine articles... love romantic country! How fabulous! Just a bed of roses


Hi Chris,
I agree, the Spring flies by so quickly! I've been busy with family life quite a bit and haven't been able to visit my favorite blogs, especially yours. I love one your last post with the inspiring flickr pics. It sounds like you've been busy as well, take care and enjoy your garden!

Smiles, Christine

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i so love your flowers.. thanks for the names.. have a good day!

manila property

this is really wonderful :)


The flowers are gorgeous.

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