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July 23, 2009



Oh no Chris, I'm so sorry! I know how you feel though, I've had a week or two like that myself.

Thankfully we can have a sense of humor about it. :)


Next week will certainly be better. It will someone elses "week". Hopefully not mine, lol. Do you want to come over for a cup of coffee next Wednesday? We could commiserate.


Alison Gibbs

Oh Chris, I wish I could say I have had times like this. Well I have had these same situations but not all in such a tiny timeframe!!LOL
Maybe you just better stay in the house.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

OH MY! You have had a crazy two weeks! I love that you are able to laugh at the mix ups and bumps that come into your life. Heres to a smooth road for a while.

La Rustique Market

You have had a rough couple of weeks! Thanks for the visit...I Love Lucy too! I'm adding you to my blog list.

Here's to better days ahead...Cheers!!



Hi Christine,

Your golden blonde was beautiful. You are beautiful and it's not about the color of your hair.
Having said that, you know I am one who loves your thick always perfectly cut and coiffed rich dark brown hair.
If I have to come to your house every couple of weeks for a touch up to keep you brown then I will.

Now the real sad story , say it's not so..........your beautiful pearly Lexus, smashed up? again? you have alot of 'splainin to do to....

See you soon,

janet bernasconi

Hi Chris!

You are so funny. I think that blonde or black looks gorgeous on you. Are you kidding? You are beautiful. And I love your sense of humor. Sorry that you had a rough two weeks. Believe me I have had those kind of times too. But trust me when I say there are always better days ahead. I love to visit you just so I can drool at all the beautiful things you have. Good thing your hubby is not Ricky Ricardo or you would have lots of splainin to do...lol
Have a fantastic day,
Janet's Creative Pillows

Tara Frey

I'm having a few weeks like that myself sweet friend. Except I'm still blonde and haven't crashed the Navigator (yet)

You are fabulous no matter the color of your hair. But smashing your beautiful Lexus is a crime.

You are Lucy in every sense of the way and that's why I love you so much!

Now just don't lite your nose on fire or get a trophy stuck on your head! xo


You are so funny! I went dark (from blonde) after my third baby. I couldn't fit into any of my clothes so I wanted something to change;-) My kids were begging for my "golden" hair back...it was pathetic. So sorry about the car!


Keep the beautiful locks brown with highlights! You have beautiful hair!

Please be careful!


Shabbyfufu (Janet)

Ha ha....this post really "cracked me up" Tutts, no pun intended! Glad to hear that you are okay and taking it all in Tutti stride. BTW, I think you are adorable....no matter what the hair color! ~xoxo~


Oh gosh .... I have to say I am laughing so hard my sides are aching... this truly was a Lucy episode if I ever saw one.... too bad you didnt get it on tape .... we could pop some pop corn and have a barrel of laughs until we cry....

I had a rough week but nothing as comical as yours.... I guess wrecking the car isnt so comical but the way you described it sure is.... glad you are able to chuckle about it.... I wouldnt be able to ... but having a hubby that is so understanding certainly helps...



Eeek! Everything went a little wacky when you went blonde Chris! (we traded spaces, typepad/blogspot) we have to talk...
xo Roberta


I'm so sorry!!
I have had these kinds of weeks too, you aren't alone.
Hope all is well now!!
Be careful!


You made it sound so funny, which I think wouldn't be too funny at the time. Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll have a much better week after all that drama. All the best.

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