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July 08, 2009


Teresa Sheeley

Oh my gosh, you are a genius!! I wish I could grow anything, anything at all. Brown dirt thumb here. :) Hope you are well!!!



Oh, I LOVE hydrangeas! Iknow, I know, who doesn't, LOL! Those are beautiful photos! I LOVE that last photo with the beautiful patio set on it.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my baby dress with tatting blog post! :)

Bunny Rose Cottage

CHRIS!!!!!!! Those are the most beautiful hydrangeas I have ever seen!! WOW you are good in the garden! I wish mine would look that pretty. Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite flowers. You have such a beautiful yard Chris!

Love ya,

Shabbyfufu (Janet)

Oh Tutts......we can't grow hydrangeas here in Miami~BOO HOO! Sometimes I buy them at Whole Foods, but they are so pricey. Do you ever dry your hydrangeas? They take on such soft colorways when dried:-) ~XOXO my friend, Janet


The first and most important step is to have blossoms. Mine are a dismal failure this year. Guess I was a bit aggressive with the spring pruning!

I met your friend Jackie at Bliss Farm and she is a delight.



how very pretty.
wanted to invite you over to my blog where I am hostessing my 500th post giveaway.


Wow darlin ...as usual you have a heavenly array of the most gorgeous blooms I have ever seen...

What fabulous tips you have shared with us on the color.... I have also heard or read somewhere that to make the blossoms blue you should put coffee grounds in the soil....

Anyhoo hope you are well and things are good and you are enjoying your summer



Just beautiful Chris!
Mine are blooming, but I mostly have the white ones. They do turn green then burgandy as the summer goes into fall.
Have a great weekend,


Hi Chris,
The sun is shining, can you believe it!
I really injoyed this post as my hydrangeas are bigger then ever this year.. Must be due to all the rain. Anywhow, they are blue, so Im off to turn them pink thanks to you! Wonderful tips..
WIshing you a fabulous weekend Chris,
Love to you

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello Chris, I found your blog through Jo~Anne Coletti. Your flowers are absolutely breathtaking! Lavender and pink are my favorite colors in everything, including flowers. I also just ordered a beautiful Limoge cup and saucer from your boutique, can't wait to receive it! Julie Marie


Your Hydrangeas are wonderful:)
and that iron bistro table is so pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend...

You have inspired me today,


The hydrangeas are fabulous. I am enjoying my Endless Summer in white and blue.

I was wondering if you received the wall decal you won in my giveaway. Please let me know.
Carrie - Oak Rise Cottage


Chris...Oh sweets your hydrangeas are gorgeous!!! Of course I love them also & last year I planted a lot of the endless summer ones..They are beautiful! We must have high acid here in our part of OKLA.
because the blooms are a gorgeous blue & of copurse I want pink! lol
I am behind a little also..Your home in RC was wonderfullllllllllllll sweets!!!! I LOVE your kitchen & all of it looks comforable & homey & of course so chic!!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful grandma & a lovely time growing up:) Your way tooo young for the beautiful grandaughter you have! Have a great rest of the summer hon!!!
Come on over here..lol..its a 105 today!
PS love my pink butter dish:)


Just gorgeous!!!!!

m ^..^


I love these gorgeous pictures!!! Wonderful!



Hi Chris, hydrangeas are my favs. I love having them in the garden. I cannot grow the colored ones well in my climate (they don't winter over well here) but I do love the 'Annabelles' and the 'Limelight','Pink Diamond' also do well in my part of Idaho. Yours are so lovely.


Hello Chris, your hydrangeas are gorgeous, I was wondering, I got a white one for Mothers Day with huge blooms, but I have been afraid to plant it for fear that it will change colors. Can that be avoided? Also, do you know how to dry them? I have seen some gorgeous dried ones on peoples blogs and I so wish I could get some. Have you ever heard of one called "Vintage"? They had it at Albertsons Grocery stores in So. California, for Mothers Day the year before and I have had no luck finding them again :( The blooms are varying shades of burgandy and green mixed together, as they aged they looked gorgeous, almost like the already dried ones if that makes sense. Anyways love your blog :) Rose

Please visit me at mine it is new, still in the bebe stages :)

Aimee Boschet

I love the flowers!!! Oh, they make me smile just looking at them...

Suzie Button

Hi there! I just discovered your beautiful blog through "Blogging for Bliss" and I have a little award for you over at my blog! Please pop over! Suzie

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what a lovely garden especially that cutie stone angel!


Hi there! I came back because I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway! Be sure to come on over and join in!

Donna Jenkins

I also just LOVE hydrangeas! I have pink Hydrangeas that are supposed to be blue. I have tried all the different treatments that I'm given by my faithful nursury to no avail. Thank you for the pot suggestion. I really never thought of it. I will have to let you know what happens next summer.

Jackie Lantry

OK, what I got from this is that you have to be a chemical engineer to grow hydrageas...could you just stop by and take care of mine??????????????????


Your Hydrangeas are beautiful !!!!!!

I have only had 1 blossom in 10 years.

Should I buy a new plant and grow it in a pot?

How do you get multi-color Hydrangeas?


Hi! thanks for this article! I am the one who actually took the second photo you used here. I found them outside a building in Chartres, France and was immediately stunned. The rest of my group started getting annoyed with me because I was taking so many pictures of them, while they wanted to go see the Cathedral. I just loved how the petals were not one singular color at once. I always felt like that particular picture came out with too much sunlight on the bottom-left corner though. I'm glad that people have been able to use the pictures since I uploaded them to Wikipedia. but honestly, I think I would have picked this one: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hydrangea_closeup.jpg (it's my favorite and I use it for my desktop wallpaper)

ever since I saw those flowers, I have wanted to be able to duplicate exactly what I saw. But it seems like what I want is at some halfway point of changing...and probably is hard to keep for long. Also, absolutely everybody lives in dorms at my college...I would be too afraid to leave them in a window. I had a bamboo sprout once that got completely bleached from the sun!

Thank you so much for this, I hope that it can inspire other people to fall in love with hydrangeas! :D

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