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August 03, 2009


Trisha  Evans

Can I live there?

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

I vote with you! It is so charming, you just can't build that charm. How lovely.

Bunny Rose Cottage

I am with you Chris! That is beautiful!!! I am always partial to smaller spaces though. But I love the charm and beauty of your place as it is! The gardens are gorgeous and the screen door is so pretty! What a perfect place to get away from it all!!



I have been waiting forever to see your little beach gem Chris. Thanks for bringing us by. I am sooo partial to smaller places. I vote for adding on and keeping the charm. Love your gardens and front door! xo Roberta


*love* the cottage and what an amazing place to spend your free time!

~hosting giveaway at my blog :) ~


Hi Chris,
I love this little cottage!! I see why you don't want to change it much.



Absolutely beautiful. I would not want to come home either.



This is our first time here but we have to agree with you...(sorry Husband), keep it and add on! What a dreamy place, thank you so much for sharing!!!
Stop by some time, we'd love to have you over!
Clara & Marcela


I love it Chris, and that screen door is just too perfect! Enjoy your time there.


Aimee Boschet

It's so beautiful and charming! I love it!!!

If you get a chance, come by my Blog for a visit and say hi!
I will be putting up another post as SOON as I can get my hands on Romantic Homes Magazines annual Bed and Bathrrom issue, which has featured my French Inspired pillows in it.

Have a great week,

Liz Davis

Oh Chris!...This is just a perfect cottage!...I'd keep it the same...Makes you feel like you've stepped back in time!!!...You gotta LOVE that!...and the gardens are just so lovely and old fashioned!!...Thanks for stopping by to say hi!..It's so funny, that very same day I had just read your Hair/crashing car post and was in hysterics thinking, I would LOVE to meet this woman!!!...So cool that I'll get the chance!!!...Big Hugs!...and LUCY keep that laughter coming!...


Chris...Sweet & darling & Ohh how lovely! I LOVE it just the way it is! How lucky you are..I wish there was an ocean here in Okie land...lol!! Your gardens are always so beautiful hon...Such a peace of heaven sweets:)


OH Chris.... what an enchanting little cottage.... so heavenly... I too agree with you.... add on... dont knock it down and lose all that sweetness....

I hope you win this one... its gorgeous!!! I could stay there and NEVER come back



adorable! Love this...what a blessing to have a little cottage by the sea. I'm having a give away on my blog, please join us in the fun!xo Lidy


Absolutely a gorgeous place to come and visit...that is a wonderful place to visit and unwind..the gardens are amazing...I live close to the beach, but not close enough, we must not have enough salt in the air cause my garden does not look that beautiful~ Enjoy your time there to its fullest!
P.S. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!! :)


Chris I'm glad you're getting lots of time at the beach! The boys still talk about the boat ride with Tommy! I'm with you; keep it and add on...you can always go back and up!


I do so hope you win this on. It is just beautiful.

Tracy Martinez

Oh how Lovely your little beach house is. I have my own little slice of heaven in the Colorado Mountains. (you can see it on my blog) You just can't beat it for refreshing the soul.
Take Care,
Tracy M.


Adorable summer cottage! You must keep it with all its old-fashioned charm. Love it!


Jo-Anne Coletti

oooohhhh Chris, your little cottage is just charming!!! With your talents, I am sure you will find a perfect balance of the old and new..From what I can see its pure bliss...I would love to see more....
Enjoy the last days of summer sweet friend!


Too cute!!! Maybe you could compromise and add on with a basement in the addition. Still keep the adorable space you have now and add storage and more room. More pics of the inside please. I am sure it is adorable!


Awwww, pretty wonderful if you ask me!!

I just love it:)
So much charm outside... it must be adorable inside too!

Cottage, Sea, Garden and a getaway?!...how perfect.

Have a great week Chris,

janet bernasconi

Hi Chris!!

OMG what a gorgeous place! I wouldn't want to ever leave there either! I just love it and the pictures are beautiful. Can you believe that summer is almost over? So fast!
My kids will be back at school next week. I will have a little quiet time again..lol
Have a great weekend!

Janet's Creative Pillows


Oh, it is just lovely! I can't imagine tearing it down, you must add on instead! It wold be really hard to go back home after a weekend there :)

Teresa Lee

Your Beach Cottage is Beautiful!!& The flowers are Gorgeous! What a blessing to have such a restful place to get-away on weekends.. Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!
~ Teresa

Amy Arnaz

Can I come over for coffee in the morning?
Amy Arnaz

Jackie Lantry

LOVE the beach house and the shell house! And the shot of pink blossoms????? Are the roses or peonies?


Wow, its really a great beach. It looks so amazing and fantastic. Keep up the good work!


Your cottage is beautiful, I would not do anything to it.


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