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August 17, 2009



Ohhhh my goodness ~ Just beautiful and so elegant seashells are ~

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hi Chris, ooh, I love the ocean and seashells... I have not been to the ocean in quite a while, so I keep seashells throughout our home to remind me of it... I love that old~fashioned saying, we always tried to say that too... do you still put your shells up to your ear and listen to the ocean??? I do...


Hi Chris,
I love seashells too!!
I use to collect them when I was little.
I try to use them in my summer decorating, but now Fall will be here soon.
Love your photos!!


That driveway is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your mirror. We just got back from the beach and we are missing it already.

Alison Gibbs

Chris you have shown us some great shells and shell theme things today. One of my favourite things from the neach is sea glass. I just love it

Tracie~My Petite Maison

What beautiful sea shells you've shared here. I think I saw that little house on an HGTV special a long time ago. I love your little beach house you posted about below - it's darling! Happy weekend.


What a beautiful post! I love those shells. I think a tropical themed Christmas tree adorned with painted shells, ribbons, beads, pearls and dried flowers would look gorgeous.

A mirror would be lovely too!

Happy weekend,Brook

Kristeena Crabb

I don't believe it! I actually saw that conch seashell house last February. It's on Isla Mujeres which is just off the coast of Cancun. My photos of it aren't nearly as good because I was snapping it as we were passing by it on a golf cart, but it's the very same house. But all that aside, this is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your love of seashells.


Ha, let me count the ways! I have been a beachcomber since the very early days and still have some of those tresors! xo Roberta
Saw that very cool conch house on tv a while back.

Barbara Jacksier

I love your Ode To Shels. I never had the urge to go to Cancun until I learned from one of your blog fans that that is the location of the conch house. Great post.

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I would love to have a vacation in one of those beautiful beach houses on your pictures. This is my dream to one a house like this, to collect seashells with kids.. one day.

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I haven't made my shell mirror yet or have I added a shell design to my beach house mantle yet & the summer is almost over!


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