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August 24, 2009


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Summer at the beach.....what a wonderful thing! Love the pictures of the rocks spelling summer!


There's nothing like having a place by the water! We head to a lake cabin that our daughter owns, and stay Sat. afternoon until Sunday. It's amazing how it sooths the mind to begin a new week. I picked up 2 large Sconce shells a few weeks back at the Thrift shop. They are beautiful! The excitement of finding them was like I had found them on the Sea Shore. I adore them. Only $2 a piece.. One, I'm using as a napkin holder. You fold your napkins in a triangle shape and stick the point of them into the lip of the shell.
I would'nt be so panicked about loosing summer if it weren't for the lovely "Indian Summers" that we usually have here in BC.
Hope you have one too, so you can still spend time at your beach house a little longer.



LOL... I'm talking about Conch shells...
Not Sconce...

Alison Gibbs

As you are heading to Autumn/Fall we are leaving Winter behind and flying into Spring. I am so glad that Spring is just around the corner.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Chris!! I love this post! I feel the very same way, I dont want summer to end :( Summer and spring are my favorite seasons. I just cannot bare the thought of 6 months of winter :( I love seeing these wonderful pictures of your family!! Just beautiful and everyone looks so happy and free! There is nothing better!!!
Love ya,


Love these summer pictures Chris and I think your hubby is looking very handsome there!

Hugs, Brook

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Well Ms. Tutts....I do want the oppressive heat of summer to end, but not the beach going and sluffing off of working~lol! Looks just like my hubby over there with a constant beer in hand! ~xo~ Fufu


We don't have to say goodbye yet do we? I'm keeping my head in the clouds for a bit longer... Love your 'rocky summer' Chris!
xo Roberta

Amy Arnaz

You don't want summer to end and we can't wait for it to end! It's 108 degrees here in the desert and I wish I could astral travel to your beach and see that little pumpkin grandchild in person. What a cutie pie. You have a blessed life. xoxo Amy Arnaz

Donna Parsley

A 16-feet wave is a surfer's dream! My buddy Michaelson loves going to beaches just because he gets to ride the waves. Me? I just love the sandcastles and sunbathing. Actually, I love anything that lets me unwind and forget about all the stress I get from work.

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