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August 30, 2009


Trisha  Evans

Congratulations Chris,
What wonderful news! Best Wishes to the entire family!
A Vintage White

Shabbyfufu (Janet)

Tutts....Just saw your tweet, CONGRATS to the gorgeous/handsome young couple! ~xoxo~ Janet


Congratulations to your daughter and soon to be son in law. And to you and your DH for raising such a beautiful daughter.


Bunny Rose Cottage

Congratulations Chris!!! This is wonderful, I am so excited for all of you :) I will be looking forward to all the beautiful pictures!


Congratulations Mrs. MOM of the Bride!!! LOL All the pics above look like a gorgeous places for a wedding! How exciting for YOU & your daughter:) The darling couple looks so happy!!
I know with your talent it will be a magical event she has always dreamed of!!!
Keep us updated sweets!


Hi Christine,

I am so excited and totally delighted! Your Kathryn was the cutest, sweetest little girl and now a beautiful, sweet and especially kind young woman. Mike is a lucky guy to have found her and smart to not let her get away. Besides great taste in women he's not bad in the bling department either. The legacy is so sparkly and looks lovely on Kathryn.


p.s. nice surprise Lucy pic, now where's the pic of Ricky when he realizes what this is going to cost him!
talk about some 'splainin..............

Aimee Boschet


I love the light sagey green colors. They are so pretty...

Alison Gibbs

What exciting news and how much fun we will have as you tell us all about the plans


Happy Days are ahead for the Tutti Family!
I know it will be stunning Chris! Gorgeous ring!!! Lucky guy!
xo Roberta

Jo-Anne Coletti

ohh Chris, you adorable little wedding planner you!!! How will they ever chose from those beautiful locations, everything looks amazing!
Congratulations Katrhyn & Mike! And you too Chris!!!


Thanks for sharing the picture! Your daughter is beautiful like her mother! Love, love, love, that gorgeous ring on her finger!!! It's wonderful to see you so happy Chris!



How exciting, congrats!!!! to everyone!, cute blog here, thanks for visiting and commenting... Happy fall, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...


Hi Chris,
I wish I had a wedding planner like you! Many congratulations......and what a GORGEOUS ring!! I am sure you are going to be very busy with lots to plan!!!
Wishing the future bride and groom the best of luck and happiness always!!


Congratulations to all of you!! That ring is an eye catcher for sure.


Beverly {MOM}

Oh Cris,
What a wonderful time for you, we are in Florida and so far from our babies, but we love lookinf at the blogs. I am so happy for you.


WOW ! Congratualations ! Hello, you have the most gorgeous site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are lovely and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect so thank you for sharing them all and best wishes....


Very cool!! What a glorious time for you and your daughter!!


Well Congrutulations Lucy!!!

Congrats to the beautiful couple.... they are adorable !!

Congratulations to all the families involved as I am sure everyone is estatic!!

I love the colors you picked in the mosaic..... exquisite taste !!

I do believe we are going to have a lot of fun watching the planning as told through your blog.... cant wait....!!!



Chris Congratulations !! Have they set a date yet ? My youngest of 2 girls is getting married on Jan. 8th ~ I am still in shock that we are planning another wedding :)

Wendy Ross

First let me start by saying congratulations and I'm sure anything you plan will be lovely and appreciated. I found out about you through the Tara Frey book. I also have a daughter but she is only turning 17 next week. I am throwing her a small surprise party and love your Lucy and Ricky surprise pics. We love Lucy so I think I am going to print out the pics and hang them and some others around for decorations and maybe have some Lucy videos to watch as an activity. Thanks for the idea you gave me that you didn't even know you gave me and again congrats. If you get a chance, peek in on my blog at
where I hope to post some
pics next week.

Wendy Ross

Hey Chris,
It's Wendy from the above comment. Check my blog. I wrote something and put up pics of the surprise party. Didn't watch Lucy videos but did make a picture frame activity called Replace the Face. The kids were supposed to replace the surprise faces of Lucy and Ricky with their own surprise face photo so that my daughter could have a nice and funny memory. They did it on our Mac photo booth. They wound up having fun with the photo booth special affects instead which also created good memories, too.
Wendy - http://beadnightbabes.blogspot.com/

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