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September 30, 2009


Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello Chris, oh my goodness! I wish I lived near that beautiful place! I would love to shop there... I must visit her blog and Etsy shop... I love the old French iron bed you bought! Everything is so enticing, thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a beautiful Autumn... Bisous... Julie Marie


And I met Jacquie thru you also. Can't wait to see what she has in store for fall and what she will bring back from her trip to France.

It's bittersweet time..yippee!


paula small

What a gorgeous store Chris! I went to her website & fell in love with the white french chairs with black writing on them...will have to visit Bliss Farm Antiques on my next visit home...hopefully for T-day:)

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Hi Chris,
I love finding new people and shops. Thank you for sharing. Off to click the links you've left for us. I always feel swept away when I visit your blog. Happy day!


Oh Wow Chris! How very charming! Thank you for sharing one of your favorite shopping places today!!! I love the look!



Thank you so much for featuring my shop in your blog! I promise great things for fall-especially after my trip to Paris! I'm so happy you slammed on the brakes and backed up your truck that spring day~!~

Debbie Bell

Ohh how lovely! Those treasures & the lawn!! I can certainly see why you braked..I would have too! Thanks for introducing us sweets:)

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh my goodness, just look at this! I love the checkerboard! And her creations and items are so beautiful, thank you so much Chris, for introducing us to this wonderful lady :) I would love to come across a shop like this while out and about :)
Hope you are doing well!

Brenda Justabedofroses.blogspot.com

Hi tutti!
I love how you said your were out in your garden mobile, I knew you would still be doing your passion...growing pretty gardens for others.
That checkerboard is something i have never seen before, isnt it wonderful! How fun, visit often.
Nice to see you, its been some time.

Andrea - Faded Plains

Love this place! Her shop is gorgeous...I'd be lost for days in there.




Tre Chic Ms Chris!!! I love your bench.... cant wait to see photos of it in your living room.... lovely!!!!!

What a beautiful shop indeed... so fun to find new treasures and a place to go a hunting for them ...

Looks like you have a wonderful way to do just that... I am jealous!!



Yoli Kalkofen - Apron of the Month Club

I have adored looking around your blog. I love aprons and that was one of the things that caught my eye. The shop is charming!

Yoli :)

The Beautiful Life


SO glad we "met up" yesterday via phone -- I have a feeling we would be fast friends and I so wish we lived closer!

I just visited Bliss Farm's site -- wow... Now I really wish I lived up there!! :)

Your plates are on their way to you! Thanks SO much, Chris!


Kristeena Crabb

What a charming find! Thanks for sharing.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Hi Chris!
Yes, I am moving into my new home this next Monday....you can follow the move on my other blog....

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