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September 23, 2009


Aimee Boschet

WOW! I LOVE every picture you have shown in this gorgeous post!
If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I just put up a new post...
Have a great day,


Beautiful photos!!Thank you for the inspiration!I wish I could create a beautiful blog!

Alison Gibbs

Gorgeous photos.
Have to love Tattered Elegance

Bunny Rose Cottage

STUNNING post Chris!! I love these pictures, especially the door!! Tattered Elegance, what could be more perfect??
I hope you are all doing well :)


Chris, you struck gold here! Fabulous finds, love the chairs..
Hope your doing well angel friend :)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Wow, tattered yes-but still so much elegance.

I can just envision all all the possibilities here.

I'm refinishing an old desk and hutch now and these projects would be just as fun to tackle (and challenging too).

Love the French linens too.

Enjoy your finds and your weekend.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Hi Chris! Love those pics and tattered elegance too. I see you have a lot going on over there. Congrats on your daughter's engagement (beautiful ring). And Happy Anniversary to you!


Chris - I'm new to blogging and am having a good time. Your pictures are beautiful. I hope my blog will turn out as inspiring as yours.

Bye for now

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Tutts....GREAT PHOTOS! Are all of those things yours??? I have always loved tattered as well in my decor. I started out young..like you, when that was all we could afford~and that style still holds true for me! ~xoxo~ Janet (Fufu to you:-)

Amy Arnaz

Hi Chris,
I am inspired by this post. Reason being that I have 8 chairs from the home of Desi Sr. that my Desi (Desi Jr.) inherited when his dad died. They are very old and beautifully carved but have leather seats and leather backs. The leather should be replaced but after seeing your chairs stripped down, I'm inspired to also paint the brown wood white! I wonder if lightning will strike me if I do that? Ha! Can't wait to see your finished product..... xoxo Amy

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello Chris, I love everything tattered too (even the word is cool!)... I especially love the old keys, I have started collecting them too... Bisous... Julie Marie


Love the chairs!!! Have a beautiful day!



You captured it beautifully!! Tattered elegance is what I love!!
I have a bunch of those keys in my kitchen.
Have a great week,

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