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October 08, 2009


Diane Dainis

It's always hard letting go, but it does get easier with time. And as you said, their just down the street. Have a great weekend. Glad your site is back up and running.

Julie Marie Vicknair

Hi Chris, I am sure she is having the same feelings... you are so cute, taking them dinner and delivering it! She is beautiful, just like you! I love your Autumn wreath with the Chinese Lanterns... Have a wonderful Autumn weekend... Bisous... Julie Marie

janet bernasconi

Hi Chris!

How are you? Well from what I just read I almost felt your pain. I don't even want to think about the day my kids are allgrown up and have moved out. But on the bright side you will definitely have more time wo spend with your hubby. Your daughter is beautiful and looks so much like you. I bet she will miss you too. Don't woryy my ffriend. God never gives us more than we can bare.
Love our blog as always! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


Janet's Creative Pillows



I think you will find that once you get used to the Empty Nest ( when it does indeed become empty) you will enjoy the time you have as a couple. We are finding the peace and quiet to be wonderful.


Bunny Rose Cottage

Chris, you are the sweetest mom ever!! I love ya :) I KNOW I will be feeling just like you after my five boys move out! What will I do?? SCARY thought!!
Love ya sweetie,


Chris, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog as it has brought me to your lovely blog. Have a wonderful weekend!



We are going through the empty nest for the first time. Our youngest Brad moved out about a month ago. I'm adjusting (and still packing dinners for him and his brother ;)
Enjoying some special time with my hubby tho.....

Amy Arnaz

I always thought the empty nest syndrome was a syndrome of weaklings and parents who didn't have a life of their own -- in essence, loser-type people. But then it happened to me and my concept of an empty nest changed radically. All these many years later I still miss the noise, activity & messes around the house only children can create. I wish I was 25 so I could do it all again! I do love solitude and quiet times but the energy of children in the house is priceless. I'm glad I didn't miss that "dance." Hang in there girl! At least you have grandchildren. xoxo Amy

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Well I certainly can relate Tutts! As you know our youngest just moved out, but even though she was away at college for four years~her room hadn't change and she would always be home for the holidays and summers. Now her room is empty (I get to redecorate~lol!!) but luckily she is living just across town and I can spoil her just like you do with your baby:-). Luv ya~ Fufu


Hi Chris,

I had just read your blog yesterday about your 'Empty Nest' feelings. Then this morning I was reading the blog "http://www.awomaninspiredconference.org/ There was an article entitled "When the Nest is Empty". (It's the second article on the page.) It sure helped me... (Many other neat articles too.)
Hope that it will encourage you as well.
Wish we could hold our lives right where they are and never see change. But it never stays the same. We just have to live each moment and make it the best that we can. That way each day we live can be unique and great. (Had an empty nest for years now.
There's many more years of joy in new ways ahead for you. I promise!)


I feel your heart sweet pea, its breaking..I know how you feel, my oldest is off to school in another town and I miss him terrible..
Well, just maybe we can put that lunch date on the calendar soon huh.. LOL.. Hope to see you soon :)
Love to you

The Beautiful Life

Wow! Is that your daughter??? She's beautiful!! She looks just like you!

I think I can imagine how you must feel -- not gonna think about it right now. Mine is still living here, so I'm soaking in every minute... :)

LOVE my new goodies from your shop!! Thank you!!!



Lucy, This story might be helpful.

My sister said she cried when her son moved out and when his roommate situation didn't work out and he moved back in, she cried again.

Have a great day,


Your daughter is so pretty! Mine are all still little so I am not sure how i would feel , a little sad probably. But remember they never really leave,I still bug my mom almost everyday! :) I am also giving away my Audrey Hepburn bag if you like to join! Andrea

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

I can't imagine what that's like Chris. Right now we are in that crazy stage: 4 kids, dance, sportts, etc. We're kind of looking forward to having nothing to do one day! Are those limelight hydrangeas in your post above? I just ordered one online and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival! Beautiful!


mom i miss you too!! your blog made me get tears in my eyes. i love you and your the best mom ( but you already know that)
love me

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