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January 04, 2010


Julie Marie Vicknair

Hello Chris... I love your top ten list... So many of mine are the same... I am resigned to the fact that I will never weigh 101 lbs again and guess what... I don't want to! I want to eat to be healthy more than to be thin now... and my nest... it is comfy and cozy, maybe not ever going to be in a magazine... but it is "home" and I am happy in it...... like you, I am always going 100 mph... my biggest thing this year is to "slow down"...(Jack is constantly reminding me to do this!)... Happy New Year to you my friend! I love your posts and I think you are beautiful! xoxo Julie Marie

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi sweets...we older girls really are just getting better. I would never want to weigh 110 again, but instead just watch what I eat and work out like the Dickens....and enjoy life along the way! I hope that you and the rest of your clan have a beautiful year that is filled with all good things....xoxo, Fufu

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

What a wonderful top 10 list....One of mine is to remind myself how grateful I am everyday for the life I have. It is so easy to get bogged down with the little "bad" things...
Happy New Year Chris!


You brought laughter to me today as I read about your promise to your hubby not to get in political arguments. It will be interesting to hear how you do on that one. lol Sometimes the world just needs to hear an Italian!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Fab post Chris!!! I am a conservative republican too!! So glad to find another blogger that is! There are very few of us I think, lol! I love your whole list and need to think like this too!!
Happy New Year!


hi Chris, loved your post...my friend Amy there sent your link to me...i am conservative also...i don't call myself republican, because i am frankly disgusted a little bit with that party as well...but i always vote that way...no democrat will ever be conservative enough to win my vote...Happy New Year!!!


You go girl!!! Love your list. I too am a conservative so it's nice to find others out there in blogland. I know what you mean about getting into heated political conversations...just need to learn to keep my mouth shut.



Happy New Year Chris!!
Wonderful list~~~

I can relate to several points you have just mentioned...
don't you think each day seems to be flying by faster and faster?

I have to stop and be still and thank God for each day.

Thank you for sharing from your heart:)

Kay Ellen


I love # 10 and all of them! I am having a little french giveaway if you'd like to join! Happy new Year to you and your family Chris!

Country French Antiques

Bonjour Tutti,
Merci for visiting my blog, glad you like it.
Yours is nice also, love your resolutions!
Have a beautiful day!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming)

Hi Chris...

Seems we have much in common as I could have written the same list! Oh how I relate to the slowing down and my darn hormones...sigh!

Thanks for your visit and sweet comemnt!


Amy Arnaz

Hello Chris ~
Two of my New Year's Resolutions are:
(1) I will not plop everything and anything on the kitchen counter. Rather, when I come home, I will put my armload of stuff where it belongs.
(2) I will wear the pretty clothing items that I have been saving for "a special day" because today IS that special day. (I wore my pretty, beaded blue sweater to dinner last night.)
xoxo Amy


Hi Chris, I was just thinking about you this morning and there you were! Thanks for stopping in. So good to catch up on your blog and read such heartfelt resolutions. It's amazing how the Jeanne d'Arc magazine has had such an influence on 'our' decor changes! Love it all! xo Roberta

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