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March 04, 2010


Julie Marie Vicknair

Ooooh Chris, she is just beautiful! I love you little Giana Lorraine! So teeny and precious... congratulations to you Chris and to Kathryn and all of your family as well... That is soo funny about getting past the front desk! I know what you mean... Have fun tomorrow when she gets to go home... I know you will... xoxo Julie Marie

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Congrats Chris! She is beautiful - enjoy her and spoil her (I'm sure you will!)

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Saw your tweet! Oh Tutts.......she is GORGEOUS, just all of you girls! Let's raise a glass to a long lifetime filled with health, happiness and lots of love. Cheers! ~xo~Janet


I am so happy for all of you and I cannot wait to meet baby Giana, give her and Kat a kiss for me! Love you's!!! XOXOX

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Congratulations! She's beautiful!


Congratulations to you and your family! How wonderful.

Trisha Evans


Congratulations on the birth of your new granddaughter! She is so precious. What a beautiful baby! Best Wishes to you all!

Trisha Evans
A Vintage White


Oh my goodness, she's perfect! I'm sorry you don't seem excited though...LOL! I'm so happy for all of you!


Debbie Bell

Awwww Chris she is gorgeous!!!!! I am soo happy for you & your daughter!!! Mucho congrulations hon...spoil her rotten! lol
She is just tooo beautiful!

The Beautiful Life

Congratulations! I can't begin to imagine the wonders of grandparent-hood. She is one beautiful little girly-girl! :)




Thank you all for your kind words & sweet posts! Grandma & grandpa are still exhausted from the roller coaster of the past few days. Our daughter had a tough time but in the end it was SO worth it. It's so hard to see your child in so much discomfort & not getting anywhere with the labor. I actually called the dr's office when kathryn was sent home after the 2nd time & told them they better NOT send her home the next time. Now I need to go in there with a disguise on for MY visit next week!LOL!
There's nothing like a new baby to give you a new perspective on life & to feel so blessed~xo


Congratulations to all!! She is just beautiful!! We have a Giana in the family too...Giana Rose...true beauty!!


Chris ~ Giana Rose is an absolute angel! Congratulations to you and your family.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

Chris she is beautiful! How wonderful. Congrats....


Congratulations!!! She is an Italian Princess for sure!!

xo to you and your family, love ya tutts



Hi Christine,

I can't wait to meet and to hold your new born granddaughter. She's beautiful like her mom(who's beautiful like her mom). My very best wishes and lots of love to Mike and Kathryn.
You and Tom Glynn are blessed with a very beautiful family.



Congrats to you and your family Chris!!
She is beautiful, and such a pretty name too!!
Enjoy your weekend with the new little bundle.


How do I order one of these? Do you have a matching pair? How much? Can I pick her up or will you deliver?:):):):)

Bliss Farm Antiques

Bunny Rose Cottage

OHHHHH CHRIS!!!!! Congratulations!! She is just beautiful, what a little princess!! I am so happy for all of you!! You just enjoy her sweetie! I know you are the best grandma :):)
Love and hugs to all,


Ohh Chris, She's beautiful!!! Congratulations to you and your lovely family!!!
These are the precious moments aren't they :)


Ohhhhhhhhh Chris,
She is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Many many many congratulations to you and your family! I haven't been in blog world for along time and it seems so much has happened for you!
Wishing you only the best of everything!

Karen A. Bonitto

Congratulations what a blessing! I watched your tweets and was wondering if the bundle of joy arrived. Karen from Hingham


Hi Chris. Congratulations! She is beautiful. You're going to enjoy some happy times with her.



Congratulations! She is beautiful! Your daughter will have many blessings and forget about all the pain(well at least until she turns into a teenager);
Thanks for sharing a pic!


Oh Chris she is beyond gorgeous!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To the lucky mom and even luckier grandma...

what fun it will be to spoil her and dress her up and take her on outings... how precious...

Enjoy your time with her ...they grow too fast...


Alison Gibbs

Oh how sweet. Nothing like a new baby coming into the family - so special

Karen's Garden Cottage


Thank You for sharing that wonderful blessing with us...How beautiful! I tried very hard to put that precious picture in my file so that I could put it within one of my painted backgrounds (and then maybe you could frame it) but I couldn't move or copy the pic. So, if you would like me to do that for you, send the picture to my e-mail: Capecodnow@aol.com and I would love to make one of my pictures for you...You can view samples @ karensgardencottage.blogspot.com. I'll stay in touch and can't wait to meet you when you come to the Cape!


Christine!! She's beautiful! We're grams together. (I'm Bella) My little guy Irie James was born on 2/28. And the new position? Well, keep me posted on the barn sale. Love those products too. Did you ever settle on a gray for the walls? I probably missed it. Fill me in. Lots of exciting news here! Bravo xo!


Chris, she is beautiful, enjoy her and spoil her that's what grandparents do.

I miss my babies.


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