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March 21, 2010


Julie Marie

Hi Chris, your little family is precious! I am sure you are so loving little Giana! I am looking forward to longer days too... Happy Spring to you! xoxo Julie Marie

Karen's Garden Cottage

Hi Chris:

I know they must be exhausted, but my first thought was "Bliss". I posted the framed picture on my blog and have gotten so many comments about how precious she is!

God bless you and your family, Love, Karen

Karen's Garden Cottage

Thank you, Chris!

That was nice of you. I can't wait to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Karen


Beautiful family! They are experiencing the best kind of tired there is!! Times goes sooo fast. Enjoy a bit of R&R and looking forward to your return!


It's a beautiful picture and they are a beautiful family! What a precious baby!


The look of a young mother is beautiful indeed Chris...
Enjoy your new bundle of joy!
Lots of love

Alison Gibbs

Hi Chris enjoy your Blogland break.
What a sweet new addition to the family.


What a beautiful family!!! That sweet little Giana looks happy and contact with mommy and daddy close by...

What a proud Grandma you must be....

Congratulations to all!!!

Enjoy that break ... I wont be far behind...



OOPS... that should read content ... geez


that shabby pink girl

Your daughter is Beautiful, judt look at her happy smile, and Daddy looks so proud, and of course Baby is simply adorable,
Happy Blessings to your Family!

marian elizabeth



She is beautiful:)

Blessings to you all and a early Happy Easter!

Kay Ellen

My Casa Bella

What a sweet picture! Love that head full of hair on that sweetie pie!!!

Maureen Reid

Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was lovely to hear from you. Your daughter looks lovely, tell her not too worry as I looked like the Michelin Man after I had my son. I filled up with fluid and it was not a pretty sight!! Congratulations on the birth of their little baby, what a blessing indeed. Tell her not to blink, I did and my son is now 30!!!! Yikes, I do not know how that happened, Maureen.


What a little doll!!
The new parents so look exhausted in their photo, but very happy!!
Tell her to enjoy!

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