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September 07, 2010



Chris, the couture prints are stunning ... I can see why you would want one.... as for Audrey Hepburn she is the epitome of class...

I have to say your grandaughters in the post below are absolutely darling especially the wee one who may be driving a car soon.. lol


Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Lavender Hill Studio

Good Morning Chris! I wish I was going to Brimfields! I would love to meet up with you. I can't believe we are going to both be in N..... at different times in the same month!

Have fun shopping and let us know what print you ended up with!



I have always wanted to go, but it sounds so overwhelming to me...it's the ADD brain. Going to the Country Living Fair in Ohio in 2 weeks instead!

Janet (shabbyfufu)

OMG.....I know Sandy very well. Tell her ol' FUFU here said hi! I have carried her work for years, but sadly it doesn't seem to go so well for me That lady is a hoot though. Wish I was going to Brimfield too, I've always wanted to go but not drive all the way up there~lol! XOXO



I am having a Rachel Zoe bananas moment.

I die.

Seriously,I must have one.
You must find one for me.


Carol Casey

Have a wonderful time. My best friend and I traveled from Texas to Brimfield in May for the first time, it was pure magic. We came back to Texas and immediately started saving and planning for next year. I can't wait to see what treasures you find.




Have loads of fun at Brim. I'll be home tending the shop. Let me know when you're around so I can return your dish-with a nice apple strudel in it:)
bliss farm antiques


I wish I was going! Love those prints too! Have fun!


Sounds like alot of fun Chris!
Shop till ya drop~~ right? haha

Kay Ellen

Amy Arnaz

We don't have cool stuff like that here. Wish we did. I love the Couture print in the final photo of the lady in the red & polka dot hat. I'd love to have that in my office. Hope you have fun with your friend. xoxo Amy

new balance

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Just wanted to say that I love all of the flowers here... keep 'em comin'!

(I found your blog by searching for peonies on google images).

And.. I would totally dig the print of the woman with polka dots. Love color.

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