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January 10, 2011



Love those tables! I have been drooling with the RH stuff lately!!

Sandi ~ A Cottage Muse

Hi Christine! Saying goodbye to most of the pinks and roses in my home too, realizing that shabby is much more than that. Trying to bring some farmhouse from the french countryside to my cottage. Alway fun changing things up! Have fun weathering the storm!


Love that big table too! Not enough room in my house. Ballard Designs has very nice furniture too!


I DO remember Domain at the Chestnut Hill Mall...so very posh! What was that similar store in Norwood or was that another Domain location...can't remember...old age, you know. It is blindingly beautiful today after the storm, isn't it? I am making the Boeuf Bourguignon for my B'day party tomorrow night with the beautiful sun shining into my kitchen. How I envy you your gas cooktop;)


Brenda Kula

I agree. I never liked the matchy-match look. I'm sitting here in a matchy-match bedroom where my husband picked out the "matching set" of furniture. And asking myself: "What was I thinking letting him do that? Now I'm stuck with it." I'd much rather be able to switch things around with an eclectic look. I LOVE the farm tables!

Amy Arnaz

Hi Chris~
I agree with your friend Brenda. I like to fill my home with items that mean something to me. I think a whole "matching set of whatever" is beautiful, but somehow it's not me. The result? My little eclectic home full of items that have soul. I hope you find a big old, well-worn Barn Table full of nicks, scratches and personality. A table you know was in a home where homemade soup & bread were served along with candles, good talk and most important ~ love. xoxo Amy


May all your days be sweet this year! Brook

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here

Hi Chris, I am so glad you emailed me so I was able to find your lovely blog. I love the tables from RH..just not the price. I bought the exact console table RH sells at Store House Furniture for 1/4th the price. Check around some of your local stores for a better deal.

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I don't go for the jewelry-give me a gas stovetop anyday!) We talked about ripping the kitchen apart & putting in a wolfe stove(an aga is my dream but not so sure hubby will dole out the cash for that pricey piece) but I'm saving that for our next house. At this stage of or life we really don't know how much longer we will stay here.

Daniel Todman

The first set looks regal! It's going to feel like you're eating with high-class people in a high-class place, don't you think? The table on the 2nd pic looks lovely! Oh, and the pics from Pottery Barn look amazing, too!


I do love your kitchen. Even I had already grew tired of pink. I prefer this kind of kitchen. It looks very peaceful and I also love the wooden floors.


I do love those tables. They all look fabulous.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Richelle Jelsma

I so love your kitchen! Those tables were simply arranged oh-so-lovely! So you're planning to have your next house? I just wonder if you've purchased it through a home loan, like what I am planning to do with my next house. I can't wait to renovate my kitchen and make it look as gorgeous as yours!

Robbie Marinero

I personally love the 5th kitchen photo. The mahogany and brown design make for a very refined atmosphere. Its simplicity makes it all the more appealing, especially with the addition of that elegant carpet.

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Love the tables, ideal for most homes, really set the room off as a centre piece

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